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Enjoy night fishing with our safe, high-quality, green lights.




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The Pro48-LED-WW portable green underwater fishing light comes with a 25-ft power cord, integrated weight to sink the light vertically, pure GREEN Light-Emitting Diode (LED) light, and is so brilliant that it will literally will hurt your eyes if you stare at it!

Specs and pricing


Discover night fishing

The Fishinglights Company's portable, fully-submersible 12-volt DC fishing lights are designed to attract bait fish, which in turn attract larger fish. The use of green light in our fishing lights emulates the underwater lighting conditions of early dawn and stimulates feeding. Green light also travels farther in water than other colors. By using an underwater green light, you'll attract fish, not bugs!

LEDs vs fluorescents

Our underwater lights use LEDs that are brighter than fluorescent lights, won't kill your battery, and are extremely durable. They're built in Texas with most of the components made in the USA.  We use solid copper connectors for safety. Unlike cheap imports, these are high-quality fishing lights that won't leak, crack, or fail after a year or two.

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Why green?

Why a Light Built by Fishinglights Is Your Best Choice for Night Fishing


*Built using solid copper connectors for long life and safety - not plated steel like cheap imports

*Three ULTRA high-intensity PURE green LED bars - 120 degrees apart

*Operates on 12 VDC @ 2 Amps (short light) and 4 Amps (long light)

*Integral weight for fully-submerged underwater operation

*Long power cord (20 ft - short light or 25 ft - long light) is designed for safe underwater use in fresh or salt water

*NO GLASS Components to break, clean or replace

*Industrial-grade, fully-submersible design

*Made in TEXAS - USA

*The BRIGHTEST LED fishing light sold!

*FREE warranty repair

*FREE CONUS USPS Priority Mail Shipping when ordered via the PayPal BUY NOW buttons

*Longer power cords and connector options available on request

*Solid, reliable, long lasting, and SAFE