We're the Fishinglights Guys.  We're four friends who've known each other since we were teenagers and we get together once or twice a week to build each and every light we sell.

Selling lights since 1998

We started building fishing lights because we fish near Houston and the Gulf Coast and it's hot in the summer!  We wanted to fish at night, but we didn't like the fishing lights we found for sale.  They didn't last.  They cracked.  They leaked.  The connectors rusted.  And we weren't all that confident about their safety, so we designed our own lights.  Our friends asked us to build lights for them and before we knew it, we had a patent, a trademark, and a reputation for building long-lasting, quality lights.  In fact, we're still fishing with our original test prototypes.

News and Memberships

The Fishinglights Company is a corporate member of the Texas Outdoor Writers' Association and has been a major sponsor of the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce Spring Fling.

We've been the subject of numerous articles and features--check out a few on our In the News page.

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The Team



Andy is chief designer and the CEO of The Fishinglights Company.  As an electrical engineer, he's in charge of product development, answering your emails, and is always up for fried fish.
Our President, Mike, owns the lake house where it all started.  For more than 25 years, new and old friends have gathered every spring for a weekend of fishing and visiting and more fishing.  Mike sources materials and parts for building the lights, and tests them off the dock at his house.





John is the VP of Sales and the voice of The Fishinglights Company.  When you call with a question, John is the one who'll answer it.  He owns his own boat, loves to fish, loves to talk about fishing, and has known Andy since high school.
Stuart is John's little brother and the CFO.  He handles the business and finances for The Fishinglights Company.  He's been known to fry a huge mess of fish without breaking a sweat.  Okay, maybe a little sweat.