Becoming a Game Warden

So a routine 8:00-5:00 office job just isn’t for you?  If you love the outdoors and are passionate about preserving the opportunity for future generations to enjoy nature and wildlife, consider a career as a game warden. has all the info about this surprisingly diverse career.

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Rod-Holder Weights are Back

You asked . . . and asked . . . so we’ve brought back the rod-holder-weight version of our PRO24 series.  Same bright LEDs, but we designed a long and slender weight so it will fit in the rod holders on your boat.  It runs about 8″ longer than our PRO24-LED-WW, but we’re selling the […]

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2014 Fishing Season Recap

I hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy the great outdoors in 2014. We’ve had some marvelous night reports from the Gulf Coast this year. Last year and the year before last, we had some excellent opportunities to travel around the Texas coast for night fishing in many bays and coastal hot spots. Salt […]

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Why Submerged Green Light?

Many fishing enthusiasts regard the use of green light for night fishing with a certain amount of disdain and believe that green lights are simply a marketing ploy.  An analysis of scientific papers from universities around the world, however, provides conclusive data that green light is the best compromise for night fishing. It’s not hype […]

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