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The Pro48-LED-WW is a sealed, fully-submersible, green LED light system using 180 high-intensity, multi-segmented, pure green LEDs, with an operating life of 50,000 hours.

Light output tests show it to be 20% brighter than our Pro48 fluorescent lights.

The housing is constructed of durable, high-quality PVC with NO glass components. If you throw a fluorescent fishing light in the water, you'll likely break the tube. No need to baby this light! The durability is fantastic.  As long as you don't break the PVC housing, you won't break the light.

This is the brightest LED fishing light on the market and the product of over nine years of prototype testing.

Unlike other high-intensity shorter LED lights, this light is larger and longer for better heat dissipation.

Caution:  it is not designed to operate out of water.

Running it for 15-20 minutes out of water is fine, but the light requires submerged operation to keep the intense LEDs cool.

This versatile unit comes with an integral weight that will sink the light vertically, and a standard 25' power cord with a tie line to keep stress off the power cord.

Total unit length is 54".

The Pro48-LED-WW is the ultimate night-fishing tool.  We designed it, and we build it in Texas.  You'll love it!

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Unfortunately we regret that we can no longer ship to Hawaii, Alaska, other USA territories, or international destinations. The shipping costs have become prohibitive and too many lights were lost or damaged in the mail. You must provide a continental USA address to place an order.

Orders are processed within 5 working days. You will be notified via e-mail (be sure to note your e-mail address) concerning package tracking data, etc. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Pro48-LED-WW - $274.00*


with Green LEDs, 25' Power Cord, and Integral Sinking Weight

*If applicable, Texas State Sales Tax of 8.25% will automatically be  added.

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You can also buy our fishing lights from Tackle Hut, 216-C West Little York Road, Houston, TX 77076.

In addition to our on-line sales, Joe (J.B. Herring) at Tackle Hut has our lights in stock ready for you. Joe also handles phone-in, credit-card orders.

Give Joe a call at 713-694-8008 to verify business hours (he might be out fishing on Mondays), and then come by for a visit! Same lights - same prices!

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